Software for scanning and grading printed assessments.

Enable instructors to assign printable quizzes to students. Students and parents can scan the sheets using the free PaperScorer app or any home scanner.  Grades automatically sync to your grade book software.

Simple. Fast. Affordable.

  • Print single and multiple page answer forms on plain paper.
  • ​Instantly grade exams using a smart phone, tablet or scanner.
  • Students see results immediately in their Canvas, Blackboard, Google, or Learnosity accounts.
  • Automatically import test scores into your digital grade book.

PaperScorer works with popular assessment systems.

Bridge the gap between the digital and the physical classroom.

Classify Learning


Google Classroom


Stop wrestling with complex quizzing software

Create your quizzes anyway you want - Microsoft Word,  Google Docs, pen and paper.  PaperScorer allows you to create answer keys to match your quizzes without having to use complex software.

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We process scans ... lots of scans.









Rapidly Grade Using a Scanner or Mobile Application

Using a standard scanner, document camera or the PaperScorer application, automatically grade completed answer sheets.

​Detailed results are imported to your online grade book automatically. Download our app from the App Store or Google Play Store

Analyze Student Responses

Overview report shows general performance across an assessment using performance bands, standards and tags.

Question analysis breaks down answer distribution by showing an easy to view matrix of student responses.

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