Link PaperScorer to your Canvas account.

Automatically sync your Canvas courses and students.  Quickly grade offline assessments and load them into your Canvas grade book.

Create Answer Keys for Paper Assessments

PaperScorer can generate standard multiple choice answer sheets for any number of questions. With our question editor, you will be able to easily select correct answers and set score values.

Behind the scenes, PaperScorer will create a quiz in Canvas so that student grades can be automatically imported to your Canvas grade book. Your teachers will not have to perform any additional steps to record that information into Canvas.

Save Time and Effort When Grading

The PaperScorer mobile application allows educators or students to automatically score quizzes in just a few steps. The mobile app is available for iOS and Android devices.

Capture Quiz Results

Quickly take pictures of completed answer sheets for quick and easy automatic grading. The mobile application will automatically detect sheets and scan an image.

Instant Feedback

Students and teachers can see detailed results immediately in Canvas. The data is passed back to Canvas instantly and will be ready for review within the Canvas reporting.

Easily Grade Exams in Bulk

Load hundreds of completed answer sheets into a standard scanner to score them in just minutes. You can either upload a file through an interface or send an email directly from your scanning device.

PaperScorer will automatically grade each answer sheet and send results back to your Canvas grade book. You will get an email report at the end of the bulk processing to let you know how the scanning job went.

Use Imported Results to Enhance Student Learning

Whether grades are captured via the PaperScorer mobile application or using a common scanner, grades are imported directly into your Canvas grade book.

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