PaperScorer Helps a Wide Range of Different Users

From teachers to parents to corporate trainers, PaperScorer can be a creative solutions for your testing needs.


PaperScorer is built for use within classrooms. It is very easy for teachers to integrate PaperScorer into some of the most popular LMS systems.

We can help teachers convert any document into something that is testable within our platform. Our platform will make it easy for teachers of all skill levels to deliver offline assessments with digital analytics.

Parents & Students

Parents who choose to homeschool their kids can deliver atop notch testing experience for their kids. Parents can get kids off devices and focus on the test in front of them.

Remote students can also benefit from the PaperScorer technology. Through the mobile applications, students can scan in their own assessments and see the results within the most popular LMS platforms.

Corporate Trainer

Businesses have a need to test their employees in a variety of different ways. While some training can be done online, there is a need to support offline testing.

Corporate training can involve certifications for employee advancement. PaperScorer can also support written responses for various forms of evaluations. Finally, we can support custom testing strategies for trainers.

We process scans ... lots of scans.









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